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The Duality Tale
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Cuteness, the princess of Cuteland / Creepiness, the princess of Hopeless Land
Cute Rabbit / Disgusting Rabbit
Cute Cat / Three Eyed Cat 
The Legendary Unicorn / The Living Dead Unicorn
Cuteness, was the Princess of Cuteland.
She had a garden surrounding her castle with beautiful flowers that she distributed all over her kingdom. Cuteness had an enormous heart and she loved all living beings. She also believed in Unicorns and her dream was to find the Legendary Unicorn that lived in Cuteland.
Creepiness, was the princess of Hopeless Land.
She had a garden with carnivorous plants that ate any inhabitant that tried to get close to her castle. She believed that if she drank the blood of the Living Dead Unicorn, she could live forever. For her, living forever would be great, because she could see even more suffering and death.
One day she realised that life was too short and she had to look for the Unicorn. Outside of her castle she met a rabbit with huge and shiny eyes.
- Hello, little cute rabbit! I am looking for the Legendary Unicorn. Do you have any idea where it could be?
- Hello princess! You have to face the moon and keep going until you see the Happiness Waterfall. You will find a kitten and he will tell you where the Unicorn is.
- Thanks dear friend! For being so nice, I will leave you on of my beautiful flowers to make your day even happier.
One day she decided to find the Living Dead Unicorn and drink its blood. When she started to look for the unicorn, she found a rabbit eating a human corpse.
- Disgusting rabbit, take me to the Living Dead Unicorn!
- I am eating the one that used to know about the Unicorn. However, if you go to the Waterfall of the Dead you will find the Three Eyed Cat. He probably knows where to find that creepy horse.
- Ok. For your incompetence I will leave you one of my carnivorous plants. It will eat you alive. I hope it will be slow and painful. Goodbye.
After some hours walking Cuteness found the Happiness Waterfall, and a fluffy cat jumped in front of her and started to purr.
- Hello kitten! Sorry to bother you, but you have any idea where I could find the Legendary Unicorn?
- Meow! Princess! The Unicorn is on the top of Candy Mountain.
- Thank you cute little kitten. Have an amazing day! Cuteness saw the Candy Mountain and started to climb it. It was so tough that Cuteness almost fell, but some little birds caught her and flew to the top.
After some hours she found the Waterfall of the Dead, the Three Eyed Cat jumped in front of her while eating a rat, and some blood splashed into her face.
- Watch where you going you abomination! Tell me where the Living Dead Unicorn is and I may spare your life.
- Meow, my Hateful princess. The Unicorn is on top of Corpse Mountain.
- If you are wrong, I will have you torn apart by ravenous lizards.
The horrible princess followed the smell of corpses and found the mountain. When she started to climb it, some crows tried to eat her arms and legs. But Creepiness used her carnivorous flowers to eat them.
However when Cuteness got there she didn’t see any unicorn. She got really sad and started to cry. Suddenly, her tears transformed her into a beautiful unicorn. As it turned out, she was the Legendary Unicorn the whole time.
When Creepiness finally got at the top of the mountain she saw the Living Dead Unicorn. However, she was really disappointed when she realised that she was actually just looking into a mirror. It turned out she was the Living Dead Unicorn. She couldn’t live forever because she was already dead.
Photos by Miles C. Holenstein / Photos Editing by Daniel Frumhoff
The Duality Tale

The Duality Tale

This project was made during my first semester in MFA Graphic Design at MICA. The Duality Tale is the representation of my alterego and it tells Read More
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