Type: school exercise
Year: 2012
Asked: creation of an useless object.

Concept: it's an album by a deaf and dumb band for deaf and dumb people. Concerning the visual I wanted to keep it simple,direct and raw, all design is done with ear pictures.
The front cover is a picture of myself (didn't have any model to do it hehe) and you can see that the hole of the ear is covered like it was never there, like skin was covering it naturaly and all the inside cover and back cover are based on superimposed zoomed pictures of my ear. The titles of the songs are quite ironic but it had to be a little bit "funny" in my opinion to do not take it too much seriously.

You will see the promotional poster too. The visual was done with a picture of someone who's screaming. The band's name was placed at the level of the open mouth as the person is...screaming.

Note: although 4AD is a real label and The Scream a real band (probably) this work is totaly fiction.