Sill life/Lifestyle photography for Manhattan Portage
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    A small part of photography work I did for Manhattan Portage.
Sill life/Lifestyle photography for Manhattan Portage
Art-direction, photography, retouching, videograpy, editing: Anton Scut36 Volkov
Here is a small part of photography (and videography) work I did for Manhattan Portage.
Manhattan Portage is a NYC based company founded in 1983 that offers original messenger bags, shoulder bags, laptop bags, backpacks, mini bags, ipad cases, ipad sleeves from New York City represneted in 3 brands: Red Label, Black Label and Token. 
Check the lifestyle photography I made for MP Red Label below:
Below are of the small promo videos I made for brand Instagram page:
Manhattan Portage has teamed up with acclaimed military supplier Alpha Industries to help celebrate their 50th year anniversary of the classic M-65 Field Coat. During the Vietnam War, the M-65 field jacket was issued to soldiers and has been available on the commercial market since the 1970s.
Bike friendly items:
Black Label Lookbook shots:
Couple of small MP BL laptop briefcase promo videos I did for the brand Instagram page: