Verba et Voces
A series of publications for Capella Cracoviensis concerts Verba et Voces (Word and Voices)
This is the series of publications I designed for Capella Cracoviensis, a famous and internationally renowned cultural institution of the City of Krakow and a modern orchestra and choir which aims for historically informed performance of early music.

Every Verba et Voces publication I designed was based on the same grid. What I was looking for when thinking of a grid was to make it work with large amount of texts (as seen below), but at the same time allow to present artists with their biographies and, on top of that, allowing some pages to be filled entirely with photos, drawings or etchings.
The layout also works with large amount of pictures. All the artists were to be presented in the publications, so that provided an additional design challenge.
The grid is flexible enough to allow quick editing. If there was a change in ensemble, I could easily change the pictures or bios. If one biography had smaller amount of text than others, I could adjust the layout using the grid.