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    This is a concept for a competition issued by the Schofield Watchmaking Company. It incorporates the design of a mechanical wristwatch. I named m… Read More
    This is a concept for a competition issued by the Schofield Watchmaking Company. It incorporates the design of a mechanical wristwatch. I named my design Damascus, because of its prominent use of Damascus Steel. Read Less
In 2015 the Schofield Watchmaking Company issued a design competition with their last polished Signalman wristwatch - worth roughly 4000 pounds- as the first prize. The objective of the competition was to design the next signature Schofield mechanical wristwatch. My submission,the Damascus, landed a 'solid second place'.
01. Conceiving Something New
The Schofield brand is an honest one. It does not require a cluttered mess of features on the dial. Its design breathes the calmth of the ocean combined with the charm of a classic nautic device. I tried to convey the same philosophy in my own creation.
02. The Gentleman Traveler
The watch itself shouldn't feel as a frail piece of jewelry. Its design is sober, robust and fit to stand the test of time. The materials were chosen for their durability, their ability to weather in an elegant manner. The inserts are made of stainless black steel, copper, which turns a beautiful shade of green upon oxidation, and damasteel, which a carbonised high quality steel alloy with a graphic that transforms as time passes.
03. The Embrace
The line of the strap extends into the watch body as one flowing curve that engulfs both the watch and the wrist. Therefore I surrounded the dial with a pronounced lug form that puts emphasis on the crown, which is in turn quite sleek and subtle.
04. The Dial
The cut in the clockface, a reference to the Schofield Logo, represents the beam of a distant lighthouse. In the darkness, a warm, indirect light surrounds the dial. The watch is lit only by clever use of heavily embossed features and reflection. A gentle, non-conspicuous form of lighting.
05. The Voyage Eternal
This particular watch was built to be an heirloom. The strap should fit every new owner's personal taste. It is unlocked by pinching the buttons where the wristband meets the watch. Every watch comes with a set of two wristbands. Other wristbands may be purchased according to the taste of the owner.
06. Watch Variants
The body of the watch is deliberately built from materials that undergo change with the passing of time, as opposed to gold or crystal. The watch is made to age with the wearer.  Three variants exist. The basic Watch is jet black. A copper variant exists, which weathers over time, slowly becoming green as the watch ages. The iconic Damascus Steel edition features inserts made of the same material as the blades of Eastern noblemen. Only seven of these super-deluxe timepieces were ever made.
07. The Lockbox
The packaging is noticeable by its peaceful design: not much distraction. You are captivated only by the watch you just purchased. The box includes two wristbands as illustrated above. A hidden compartment underneath the primitive lid hides a certificate confirming the authenticity of this particular model. Opening the box from below unveils a cylinder holding a Cuban cigar and a heavy lighter in the same jet black steel as the Damascus itself.

All images are digital renderings. No use without permission.
Copyright 2015 - Fabian Breës

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