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The Great Carnival is the graduation project of Eric van Den Boom. He graduated at the school of arts with a bachelors degree in Illustrativedesign. The concept of his project is the culture of haste. These daysour culture teaches us that faster is better. But in the race to keepup, we all suffer the consequences.
Eric invented an imaginary carnival to make us aware of how thisgeneration perceives and manages its time.
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Beware of the great boss of our circus! His clocks always ticking, hiseyes ever watching. The master of time rules our lives. He will creepinto your mind like a shadow, chasing you every step, making sure youwill get your things done in time!

A breathtaking act of sheer courage and balance! Walking on a tightrope with a full agenda, juggling her occupations, trying to hold them up high.  Will she be able to carry it all or will she fall into the darkness?

As a first reflection you almost shut your eyes, do you dare to watch our ultimate freak show? Wanting to get all the jobs done he had to do during his workday, our multitasker has evolved to a supreme being.

Come on and join the carousel of the bizarre! Too much traffic, not enough roads and off course you don’t have that much time to spend, but try to enjoy the ride, for you will be there for a long time…

We are proud to present the new Houdini! Completely chained in mass communication  the escape artist is struggling for his very life! You will be sitting on the edge of your seat. Will he be able to get out?       

Excitement! Very little time, and a very small space.But our acrobats are very loose-limbed and bendy. They should be of course because they have to get into this train before it leaves. Will they be able to pull it off?

Only for the brave and daring few! Who is the alpha-male or female? Stick your head through the hole and prepare to find out if YOU cantame time!

Get your ticket, prepare yourself for a wonderful show and see who’s behind it all.

Of course I want everybody to know about The Great Carnival, so Iadvertised all over the city of Utrecht. Whilst doing this people cameup to me wondering when and where this mysterious carnival would takeplace… The only answer is that it could already be in town!

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