Art Without Gaps | Искусство без пробелов
Art Without Gaps
Искусство без пробелов

The purpose of this project was to fill the gaps in the history of Russian contemporary art and to celebrate and reward those artists, who were unfairly mostly famous abroad, rather then in their motherland. The project was created for Hermitage State Museum and sponsored by ILIM Group.

The "gapped" calendar contains 12 unillustrated pages of each month.

It includes a package of reproductions of masterpiece artworks by Dmitry Prigov and Ilya Kabakov which were recently purchased by Russian State Hermitage Museum of St.Petersburg with a great help of ILIM Group.

A persion is suggested to literally fill in the gaps in the history of Russian contemporary art and perform this way his personal exibition during the whole year.

Turning over the fist page becomes a first move towards the process of revealing the hidden history of Russian art.
Title: "Gaps in History of Art".
The second page containt an information about Dmitriy Priov and Ilya Kabakov and their life paths
Every next page of each month has a placeholder where you can put one of the selected repdoructions
The reproductions are included in a separate envelope
Placing the picture in a placeholder allows you to take a personal action in the process of history revealing
An envelope of with reproductions
Instruction of how to place a picture into the placeholder
Each calendar is packed in a separate cardboard box
Made for Inology Agency (St.Petersburg, Russia) in 2011.
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Art Without Gaps | Искусство без пробелов