Type&Beer is a one day workshop that fusions two of our greatest passions: Typography and Beer Brewing. Since 2012 our partner Martín Sommaruga told us that the process of designing a typeface and the designing/producing of a beer recipe have many things in common. There’s a mix of variables that can lead to an in infinite number of unique results. We've created a workshop where attendees cook up a beer and then work on a typographic design piece, like a poster or the label design for that particular beer. 

The workshop is divided in three modules:
1. Home Brew Introduction with live Cooking (Martín Sommaruga)
2. The history behind Beer Styles (Vicente Lamónaca)
3. Lettering Workshop (Fernando Díaz)

After the workshop is finished an exhibition is organized to show the final results.

Until now we've organized two successful workshop, and plan to do more and expand to other cities in the future. Cheers!

Some Typographic Beer Posters (from our first Type&Beer)
By Gastón Castagnet
By Ariel Seoane
By Daniel Scharf
By José Perdomo


Thank you for showing your support!