Shoebox Re-design
Asics is a number one seller for running shoes. Unfortunately, many runners today are wearing the wrong kind of shoe to support their foot's arch. This redesigned shoebox reduces the size of an original shoebox and creates a system ensuring runners will get the right shoe for their foot. The box opens at the middle of the shoe print, which allows for the distinction between three different arches. The top right corner would be colored blue for overpronators, in other words, individuals who run primarily on the inside of their foot. The bottom left corner would be colored yellow for underpronators, whom normally run on the outside part of their foot. As the box illustrates in the photos above, the entire shoe print is colored green, which represents a normal arch. Along with the design on the outside, the inside shows the colors with a supporting graphic and an explanation. It is intended that these explanations would be located in the store as well to help customers when they are picking out their shoes. This design brings awareness to the problem of choosing the wrong shoe and makes it easy to distinguish which shoe is right for each customer, especially for new runners.
The main idea behind the box and the system.
Concepts for boxes
Box mockups