present to unforgettable art pieces .....
photograph by velove shieffa
IMBAS by ZAWARA.  Modest Fashion Project start with conceptual photography lead by me. We choose histrorical building

Credits to talent : FIZA, IELA, FARA & SERRA (Gorgeous Ladies)
Full wardrobe :
Makeup by : Kuzura 
location: Kellie Castle Perak Darul Ridzwan
photo/concept/editing: velove shieffa (i'm pregnant 38weeks on that day)
Assist photo : Atika 
Bts Photo by : Wafa
Full video on set by : hisham
Art Direction for video & Video Editor by :  Adza Edie Izwan(My Husband hv to help his wife)
Food baverage on set arrangement by : hafiz
stylist by : isma 

Thanks Everyone!


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