Families Create Series (Weston Art Gallery)

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  • Families Create Series
    Weston Art Gallery
  • Families Create is an annual series of children's art-making workshops at the Weston Art Gallery. For each event, I develop one concept and apply it to a variety of formats including a printed flyer, constant contact e-blast and facebook announcement. To capture the program's unique hands-on activities stock photography is never used, all of the imagery is specially created. In the "Materials to the Max" example below I scanned various items, including bubble wrap, a sweater, string and plastic beads. I handmade a crew of funky sock puppets for "Puzzling Puppets.” The "Viewfinder" images were photographed on a quick walk through downtown Cincinnati. "Kaleidoscopic Journey" features a cut paper creation. I handmade only a slice of the image and multiplied it digitally for a kaleidoscope effect. Scroll down to see all of the Families Create examples.
  • Families Create programs: 
  • An example of a Families Create concept applied to a variety of formats:
  • Printed flyer front and back view (5.5" x 8.5")
  • Constant Contact e-mail blast
  • Facebook post