Socialize Vodka
Connecting Social Media & Brands
Ourworld today revolves around social media; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+,and the list goes on. Socialize, a new line of flavored vodka, was developedwith the spirit of social media in mind. This bottle allows us to stayconnected and interact with the latest video, joke, or picture. Thecontemporary design was intended to target a younger audience of alcoholconsumers, young adults who are sitting around a table with their phone inhand, ready for a conversation starter. By scanning the QR code into theirphones, they have been directly connected to the latest link or post everyoneis talking about. The design directly relates to the shapes used within the QRcode itself. The colors used relate to the specific flavors and also give theability to expand the brand with additional flavors.
Color Schemes


Preliminary Ideation