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    New feature for icons: Frames (borders and backgrounds)
New feature for icons:
Frames (borders and backgrounds)
Let's sum up benefits:
- All 34.000+ icons (2133 × 16 styles) can now have frames with borders and backgrounds.
- 34.000+ × 24 frame presets = 800.000+ unique icons! 
- Go beyond presets for even more possibilities.
- You can choose different roundings (from square to circle)
- Different border thickness can be set – from light (thin) to black (thick)
- You can quickly select the frame style from the presets panel and adjust the parameters with sliders.
- Color can be applied to frames, backgrounds and icons independently. So three-colored icons are now possible
With the Frames feature you'll get loads of new icons. New possibilities and ideas for your user interfaces, web designs and other projects are awaiting for you. Try it yourself, you'll be surprised how much creative power you will gain. For Frames we now support SVG, PNG, SVG Sprites and SVG Sheets for AI. Web fonts will be available soon. Stay tuned!
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