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A Unique Baby Shower Decoration Can Set Your Party Apart From the Rest

A unique baby shower decoration will add interest to the decorating scheme. You can make all of the following decorations yourself. Just make sure that you’ve checked out the decorating basics for baby showers first.Baby Shower Decoration – Place cards

Depending upon your theme, purchase rubber duckys, tiny teddy bears, pacifiers, or some other small theme related item. Get one per guest. Cut small place cards out of heavy card stock in a color that matches your theme and write the guest’s name on it. If you are into stamping, you could also embellish the card with that. Punch a hole in the card, slip a ribbon through the hole and tie it to the item in a way that displays the card.Baby Shower Decoration – Balloon weights

For helium balloons, tie a cookie cutter on the end of the balloon string. Pick cutters in the theme of your shower like teddy bears, flowers, or ducks. Instead of cookie cutters, use little soaps or candles. If you put a balloon at each guest’s chair, it can double as a favor.Baby Shower Decoration – Baby bottles

Fill baby bottles with jelly beans or chocolate kisses and set them around the room. When the shower is over, give them to the guest of honor. They can also be used as balloon weights; see above.Baby Shower Decoration – Pacifiers

Use pacifiers as napkin rings, and then give them to the new mommy when the shower if over.Baby Shower Decoration – Clothesline

This is a cute baby shower decoration idea for over the gift table. String a clothesline above the table, or even across the front of the table. Hang new baby clothes on the line such as booties, onesies, a nightgown and such. You may even ask in your invitations that your guests bring an item for the clothesline. It’s an extra gift to the mommy-to-be in addition to being a darling decoration.Baby Shower Decoration – Umbrella. Grand home design offers some intersting insight on this.

For another idea to decorate over the gift table, try this. Take an open umbrella, turn it upside down, and hang it over the gift table from the ceiling. You could attach helium balloons to each of the “spokes” on the umbrella. Drape theme-colored streamers or ribbons from the umbrella.For great baby shower decoration ideas, click here.
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