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    My work developing and creating Mod add ons for the Elder Scrolls Series Title Skyrim
Oblivion and Skyrim
My Projects for Bethesda Softworks Elder Scrolls Games
I have been studying and making 3D world projects for ten years now and have become very interested in the fine series of titles by Bethesda Softworks for the Elder Scrolls saga. My first mod work was for Oblvion, tho i had studied and modded Morrowind as well, and now I am learning to use the Construction Kit (CK) for Skyrim. This is a fine game title and the graphics are greatly improved. The CK comes with access to all of the game resources and is a great studio for working in 3DSkyHold Lodge 1.3. My largest projects have been a entire new city and region on the Gold Coast ..a city with a new custom Tavern, Castle and Duke and Duchess, the city of Sutch. It was actually originally planned by Beth but never got past creating the site area. We started it three years ago as a community project based on a series of online Tales of new characters, and the Tavern Tales with over 100 in game books you can read tells the story of a entire new set of characters. It is a lot of fun, and we finished it last fall and you can down load it over at Tes Alliance website. TESA. Enjoy, and as project Head I am making some new additions and seasonal mods so look for more fun to come. Pictures follow:

I continued with Skyrim, and for it, my first First Project is a mid sized Unique Player Home in a scenic location. The project was developed over three weeks of intensive study and learning "on the Job' of how the CK worked, it is very similar to the CS of Oblvion with the exception that the walk mesh system is completely replaced with NavMesh tech. It is not easy to use but works better for the game dynamics.