A Website for a Growing Research Lab
Customized Drupal Webpresence for a University Research Group
I was tasked with creating a new website for the Robotics and Intelligent Machines research center at Georgia Tech. This website had to service multiple overarching goals. It needed to assist in effective communication with industry, public, internal members, regional robotics efforts, and the Georgia Tech community regarding events, important milestones, course offerings, and promotional information. Drupal CMS was used to reduce site maintenance and upkeep requirements. The back end was organized to stream line management of items such as courses, faculty info, project listings, and calendar use.

Development work began with preexisting  resources from what was the current site and progressed to completion. An all new look and feel was developed that brought better information flow for the group. The inclusion of iCal feeds, jQuery, and randomized minor content created a main landing page that always feels new.