How to beat your wife
The book is made to be distributed for free during Christmas holidays in cafes andmalls. It is packed in joyful wrapping paper and looks like a gift. The outer patternof wrapping paper is covered with Christmas related stuff but when the book isuncovered one may notice that inner pattern in not the same and pictures on it arenot same friendly and allude to something except Christmas. The book is made ina friendly style and first impression it makes is that it’s a joke. People read funnyideas about using different tools to beat women, how to organize the process betterand to avoid punishment. And suddenly after so many jokes on subject the lastpage tells 3 real-life stories of terrible examples of domestic violence happened onChristmas. This works as a shocking shake-up and must make people to ponderon this theme. The product works really good in Russia and other countries whereattitude to domestic violence towards women is not serious and apprehended tooindulgently.
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