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Eco E-Trike
A green design by: Stephen Reon Francisco
This Electric Trike designed by: Stephen Reon Francisco is a concept that provides sustainable technological solutions as well as beautiful aesthetic design that offers the desired response to the changing city mobility needs. The designer spent as much time as possible to shape the E-Trike that is powerful and dynamic. The end result shows the core standards of E-Trike: passion, dynamic performance and novelty. The choice of materials, comprehensible structure, coloring, and clear design suggest a clean efficient vehicle that allows an individual to move with ease through city traffic.

The design has set new standard in technical functionality and quality. The E-trike’s advantages over the current designs are it’s improved structure and safety features that are not found in other existing trikes. It’s basic idea is that a vehicle has to do more than just function, it also provides a more alternative form of transport that is more suitable for everyday use in metropolis.