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    6 Beauties of Singapore, the deep within
of Singapore
When It comes to sharing with worldwide the beauty of your own motherland..
What is the first thing or inspiration you have in mind? 

I was born and raised in Singapore, living in HDB also known as Public Housing.
The first beautiful place or impression I could think of is actually the HDB, It comes in many forms & colours, and patterns that is amazingly interesting.

Being surrounded with HDB "jungle" doesn't seems to decrease my interest in seeing and appreciating it. Other than HDB, I see alot more places and things around me that are very beautiful and inspiring.
I would like to share these vision, that my motherland has.

Presenting Singapore's beauty deep within.
My top Six inspiration from my very own motherland.

1 - HDB / Heartland
2 - Skyline3 - Reservoirs4 - Nostalgia / Memorable5 - Old School Delights6 - Nature