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    Freehand sketches
Fruits and vegetables. 
Task from sketching course: Arrange some fruits or vegetables and sketch it!
Tools: Crayons.
Fruit bowl. 
Task from sketching course: Sketch a bowl with fruits from your memory!
Tools: Crayons, markers and pen.
Pensil case. 
Sketching course. Task: Draw your pensil case!
Tools: Crayons.
Scorpion tank. 
Task from sketching course: Draw a mix between a machine and an insect! 
Tools: Pen.
Penguin tea/coffee pot. 
Sketch from idea generation process regarding coffee.
Tools: Crayons
Faucet from Damixa.
Task from sketching course: Find a picture of a chromeplated object and sketch it!
Tools: Crayons and markers.
Alarm clock.
Sketches from idea generation process.
Tools: Pensil