Logo of the event
Insetti Inetti
all'epoca della termoveggenza

Second exhibition for the laboratory EXP.
This project was a performance that has involved 16 artist from all Italy making a wall painting in the walls of the exposition place in EXP.
Two of those artists are just famous in the world of wall painting and pop surrealism.
Zed (www.zed1.it) and Max Ferrigno (www.maxferrigno.com).
The illustrators have been divided in 6 group. Each group take a portion of the wall and from 3 P.M. to 11 P.M. all the artists worked together to make the illustrations you can see in this page.
Graphic design of the event made by EXP. Marco Mirko Nani, Marco Cirillo Pedri (www.iamexp.com).
Screen Printing Equipment for the T-shirt made by Tordelli Carnivori, Simone sid Giannelli, Mario Viti.
Poster and Flyer
Badge for artists
T-shirt Design
Screen Printing Equipment
A panoramic of the space before the wall painting
A panoramic of the space after the wall painting