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  • Ministry of Sound - Saturday Sessions
    or how to make the first piece of work that you're actually proud of.
  • This project has been completed for a brief received in our Typography class, but has also simultaneously been the live brief for the D&AD Typographic Poster competition. I have approached the project knowing that I will want to achieve a minimalistic clean look and will probably have to refrain from using too many of the official Ministry of Sound colours. 

    Upon having completed the research I realised that I will be merging a few concepts into one. The rings and circular shapes represent the records the music is played from, the cut and paste feel related to what essentially is done to created a lot of modern music - sampling and remixing, while the overprinting and lower opacity signifies the way that a lot of the musical genres blend and mix together these days. I built the poster on a simple 6 column grid, making sure that the graphical element becomes the focal point, with the typography not detracting from it. In order to make the grid structure work, I had to look through numerous condensed typefaces, eventually deciding upon the use of Miso.