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    a collective project for everyone to get involved in!
we've had 3 amazing books made up by the lovely Helen over at badbooks. We plan to mail the books off to a list of designers, illustrators and crafters who will add some of their work to it and then mail it on to the next person on the list. each person will fill a page with their work and then start a second page for the next person on the list to finnish off… once the book is full it’l get mailed back to us where we will scan each page and publish them here for everyone to see.

we’ll send one book out around Europe and one around the US and the last book will go round the UK.
we’re hoping that this will produce some amazing interesting and diverse work. we plan to track each book across its journey and keep everyone update with pictures of the work in progress. the final books will be scanned and uploaded for everyone to see the results! if you’re interested in taking part you'll need to submit your details to us so we can map out where everyone is and plan their epic journey.

you can find the submission form over on our website

here’s a sneak peak of what the books look like.
do be sure to check back as we will keep this page updated with the progress of the project and the FIANL RESULTS!
update: we’ve had almost 100 entrees to this project in the frist 3 days and we’re really excited about it!
here’s a few of our favourites pinned out on the wall map (can you spot your location?) it looks like we might have to do one uk/europe book one american book, and if we get a few more entrees from ozz then we’ll have to send one down under too!!
we’ve had a hard time picking out some of our final choices for who’s going to take part in this project.
we wanted to get a wide variety of work from people with different skill sets and a variety of locations
at the moment we have about 30 illustrators for each book but there’s still a few spaces open especially if you’re near Australia. Here’s a very quick peak at just some of our fianal picks! (image link)

the books are officially making their way across the globe!!!
we’ve had our first check in from them. the first to christen the uk book is Robert J Hunter,
the books make their first stop in Guersney a small island off the cost of the UK (and the base of designersof) we chose to include robert from the list of applicants because we felt it would be great to showcase some of the local tallent on the island. 

go check out his blog birdcagebox.tumblr.com and see some of his great work!
The European book has made it to the second person on the list laura hors field
here’s some of the photo’s she sent in of the book! 
still waiting to hear back from the other two books! :-s hopefully they’re still in transit! 
take a look at some her contribution to the book and some more of laura’s stuff… 
The Ozz book Has FINALLY made it to it’s first stop with Pohkoon in Selangor Malaysia. check out her website lonely people art and see some more of other work

here’s her photo’s of the book and some of her work…

Lim Zhi Lin
from Malaysia has just sent us a few snaps of her work in progress 

it’s been a little while since any travelling books updates. I’m doing my best to track them all down and make sure they’re not sitting on someones desk getting neglected! we really want to make sure these books make it to everyone who’s applied to take part so please if you have one sat there please don’t forget about it.

this book is one travelling around America and has just stopped by Stephanie Po go check out her work and see some of her awesome designs!&nbs 

Meghan D’Mello just sent us these photos of her contribution to the travelling books project. it’s still making it’s way around Toronto at the moment. go check out Meghan’s work,


we’ve finally got another update on the books! Yvonne from Toronto, Canada has sent us some pictures of the awesome illustrations she’s been doing in the book. next up on the list is Olivia Truong

check out some more of Yvonne’s work on the links below.



this is Wayne Spiegel's contribution to the books. the USA book is done making it's way around Toronto at the moment and should be on it's way to Jenna Carando next!
check out Wayne's site, spiegelma.de
a new UK book has been sent out and will be with Kathryn Davies in a fesw days.
the rest of the books are still making their way around. hopfully we'll receve an update from them soon.
meanwhile here's some images from the american book. we're not entirely sure who did what as they were sent trough as a batch of images.