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    acrylic on board painting, 22 x 14 inches
In Bloom
Acrylic on wood
I started painting this around February 16, 2012 and finished this around March 2.  I was hoping to include this for a March exhibit, but I ran out of time :)
It took two weeks or so of work, but this time, I worked purely in acrylic, and no longer felt the need to glaze it with further work in oil. I think its already rather saturated in color. Breaking away also with my usual habits when finishing a painting, I decided to use a non-gloss varnish. Although I feel that a gloss varnish makes the colors in a painting seem really deep and saturated, the negative thing about it, is that it makes the painting difficult to photograph.
As always when working with acrylic paint, I feel very partial to Golden. Lately, I started using the Open Line of Golden acrylics, and they are wonderful to use, in terms of drying time and blending ability. It dries much more slower than the traditional acrylics, so that there’s more time to blend or smudge the paint. Which I think is great because Im really stingy with the paint and need to save as much as I can. Golden Brand is more expensive than other brands like Winsor Newton, etc., but you’re paying for quality, and you get that with this brand.