Carne Diem
Images from the Show
 These are a few images from the show I did in November of 2011; Carne Diem, at Arte Americas in Fresno, CA. I was asked to do the show by Michael Garcia; who is an amazing man who makes amazing art. I started making the work for the show in August/September, but wasn't too happy with the work I was producing. Time passed and I was still on the fence about how I felt about the show.
 Come October, I woke up in an extreme amount of pain, and had to be rushed to the hospital where I learned that I had appendicitis. I wasn't really able to move around after the surgery, so my girlfriend had a desk and paints from my studio put into our bedroom. This led to the subject matter that would take over the work I was doing and become the "Carne Diem" series; work that is inspired by vintage butcher charts, and the anatomical charts I saw on my doctor visits.
The black and white/pen and ink work, is some of the drawings that I was doing before the appendicitis and some work that was previously shown.
The shadow boxes/assemblage pieces are animal bones and things found in nature that I have collected over the years.

Most of these pieces are HUGE! For info on sizes visit my