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    Covers, layouts, advertisements, and special sections for the monthly Journal for the American Health Information Management Association. AHIMA T… Read More
    Covers, layouts, advertisements, and special sections for the monthly Journal for the American Health Information Management Association. AHIMA Today Convention Daily newspaper and other marketing projects created for AHIMA. Read Less
2014 Bronze Award winner, Regional: Upper Midwest Region, Opening Page/Spread - Illustration: HIM's Evolving Workforce, Journal of AHIMA, August 2013
Redesign TOC for 2014, web/digital content page
October 2013
Illustration by Michelle Barbera
The April 2012 magazine cover titled “The New Privacy Officer” won the ASHPE 2013 Awards Competition Gold Award for best cover—computer generated.  This issue of the magazine, including the cover story, focused on privacy and security issues. From a distance the cover looks like a regular fingerprint, but up close the fingerprint is actually made up of health information management terms relating to security.
June 2012
The June 2012 article “ICD-10 Delay Impacts All Sectors of Healthcare” won the Silver Award for best opening page/spread—computer generated. This cover story spread discussed the ICD-10-CM/PCS deadline delay announced in 2012. In the image, the regulations, rules, and other important topics and issues that AHIMA members were waiting for in the health information management field were placed on an airport flight board.

The “status” column in the image reflected the respective topics’ current state of implementation in the US (ongoing implementation, impending deadline, undetermined delay, etc.). This state of waiting underscored the industry-wide surprise at the announcement of the ICD-10 delay, with the article discussing how these delays impact the healthcare industry’s professionals. A nod to AHIMA members was included by adding the association’s annual convention luggage tag to the depicted traveler’s luggage.
The August 2012 issue titled “Higher Tech Education” was issued the Silver Award for best overall use of graphics. A “special issue” of the Journal featuring more features and artwork, this issue offered a diverse mix of feature article images, from the futuristic imagining of what HIM could look like in “Health Information Management 2025,” to the fun and comic illustrations in “Not Your Average Encounter: Quirky ICD-10 Codes.”
The Journal of AHIMA has won a national editorial excellence award issued by the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE). The magazine’s “Addendum” section was named the ASBPE 2013 bronze winner for the Best Humorous/Fun Department of the Year. Looking to have fun with the health information management industry, the Addendum department caps off the back page of each Journal of AHIMA issue with a light, yet informative, article. For example in the August 2012 Addendum, one of two Addendum articles submitted for the award, a series of quirky healthcare codes included in the new ICD-10-CM/PCS code set were presented using humorous comic-style illustrations. The article conveyed to readers that the more extensive ICD-10-CM/PCS system has a code for everything that life can throw at an individual.

Illustrations by David Bamundo.
April 2013
Take a look behind the scenes of the April 2013 cover shoot for the  Journal of AHIMA.
Photography by Tyllie Barbosa
Table of Contents, April 2013
Photography by Tyllie Barbosa
Cover story opening spread, April 2013
Photography by Tyllie Barbosa
May 2013
Illustration by Michelle Barbera
August 2013
Special Issue
2012 Annual AHIMA Convention 2012 Wrap-Up for Journal of AHIMA.
September 2012
March 2012
Created a four-page ICD-10 Roadmap Brochure, which was repurposed into a 3 page spread for the Journal of AHIMA and into several full page ads using the cover of the original brochure above and at times using the photography from the cover, see full page ads below.
Repurposed ICD-10 Roadmap brochure cover into a full-page ad to use in various publications. 
Continuation of ICD-10 Roadmap full-page ad campaign.
AHIMA Today, Annual Convention daily newspaper - Redesign

Editors asked for more white space, more points of entry for the reader, and overall cleaner appearence. On the cover, contents listings were moved from bottom of the page to the right hand side. Any important or instant news was provided in the SPECIAL sidebar in yellow. Day and date was made more prominent at top of right hand page and pointed the way down for the readers' eyes. On interior pages more white space was provided, the logo and date provided along the footer.

I suggested the idea for a "Quick Hits..." section. A page with quick information in the first pages for members to read between sessions. I also redesigned the last page of, "The Day in Pictures". I gave it a more fun feel with images set in a Polaroid design for the members to enjoy.
AHIMA Publications postcard, Winter 2015
2015 All Certifications Brochure, 2015