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    An integrated campaign for promotion of Kinder Semi-freddi bars.
Chladek Project
There's something special inside every Fridge.
In 2007, Kinder CZ approached the agency to do a loyalty promotion campaign for their line of refrigerated snacks. Not wanting to do the typical "cheap" gift, we designed something completely new for the CZ market, a DIY doll. With a full integrated campaign using nascent digital platforms, and pop-up stores, the "chladek" (pronounced "Hladek") turned out to be the most successful promotions in the history of the country and Ferrero and ended up being adapted to much larger markets, spawning TV shows, and multiple product lines. 5 years later, the campaign is still growing around Europe and continues to set new records in every country it is adapted to.
Chladek deluxe was designed in 2008 and featured a larger doll with special accessories.
The entire campaign can be summed up with the above video.
In 2010, Chladek "winky" was developed after a fan voting contest in Poland. Fans could vote on 4 new Chladek designs. In the process, customer loyalty to the original Chladek was revealed to be very deep. A special viral video was made to address fan concerns over "which Chladek was cooler".  This video was popular enough in Poland to spawn a Saturday morning TV show featuring the two characters.