Human Experience Enhancement Design

Guide:Asst. Prof. Keyur Sorathia
Asour Design Project-1 we were supposed to design a new solution to everydaytask, enhancing the interaction and experiences involved. The aim of the project was to create an unconsciously refreshing experience for the userin his mundane daily tasks or objects.

Weenhanced the experience of having guests with a cultural revival in ourproject. The metaphor used hails from old Indian culture and traditions.

“When a crow crows outside yourhome, you should expect a guest soon.”

A user can send a surprise tohis/her friend by sending a message to friend’s crow. The Crow will startcrowing after receiving the message, making his/her friend aware that he/shecan expect a guest. But the crow doesn’t tell anything particulars of the guestarriving, thereby creating a curiousness in the him/her that “Who is coming?”.And hence the name, “CROWRIOSITY.” A crow which generates curiousness in user.

TargetUsers: Group of friends or family.

Deliverable: Toy Product (crow) & Mobile Application.

Prototyping Components used : Arduino Micro-controller, Adobe Flash,NET Lab Toolkit, Crow Toy, and Speakers.
 Daily Routine
 Scenario 1
 Scenario 2
 Application U I