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    Forsaken Zion
Forsaken ZionPhoto Documentary of
Block 88 to 92, Zion Road
 Another, soon to be en-bloc residential building (HDB) in Singapore.

The neighbourhood told me that the building will be tear down either this coming June or abit later til December this year. One of the Residence, told me he actually like the idea of shops underneath HDB blocks, like this one here but sadly all these are going to en-bloc and the newly built HDB these days seems to have lesser of those.
The Blocks are partially empty, I was told some has taken their new key for their new flats but some are still waiting. They'll need to shift out before June. And most residence will be shifted out to the new HDB blocks near Tiong Bahru MRT Station.
Information stated here were all, shared by the neighbourhood.They are very friendly and curious, they approached me and had some friendly chat during my shoot.