Curiosity killed the cat.
Three-o, it means trio butreplaced with THREE in the word to emphasize on the three designers in our team.This team is made up of three designers with different illustration styles. The logo is made up of bars and circle, the barsare with different outline that symbolizes the different style that thedesigners posses, different in a sense of each designer's illustration style.

With a combination ofthree variations, we set to create stationary product thatemphasizes on the design as well as the functionality of the product. The outside of the folder is designed to be simple, clean, a doodle cat and just with a line "curiosity killed a cat". But once you unseal and open the folde
r, you definitely suprise this
 folder filled with A4 paper, calendar, notepads, mini bookmark, newspaper holder and sticker.
The Threeo Logo
Front view of the folder
Back view of the folder
The killed cat
Inside folder filled with A4 paper, calender, notepads, mini bookmarks, newspaper holders and stickers.
Mini bookmark
Doodle style drawing
The three designers.
Exclusive special edition BLUE color.
Inside of the blue color folder
Exclusive limited edition PINK color
Inside of the pink color
The threeo designer, Lee Su San, Wong An Jie and Christy Permata Sari (from left to right).