d thetext is a digital add in, I love the however don’t believe that it is as strongas the other interpretation of the brief I have created.
this was my first image with oil pastels. though ui love the warped perspective and the madness in tone i think that the look of the face is too grotesque for the project. i wanted the character to have more femininity.
 I prefer this second illustration much more than the first. Even though i beleve that the first oil work had its merits this design imparticular fits so much more into the theme of the film.
This final design is an amalgamationof both the first and second design. My intention was to create a little moredepth to the imagery and to have a more fractured look to the whole image. Inconjunction to this the whole image looks a lot darker and much more menacing.

My reason for choosing this designover all the other ideas i has was that i didn't want to simply create a pieceof vector art that millions of people had already seen, and I didn't want tocreate something that you might expect when you think of the movie black swan.The colors ant what you might expect and the texture isn't what you expect and that’swhy I believe that it’s probably the strongest work I have done for this brief.