Typographic placemaking set

Exhibition & Signage
Typographic set serves both as a landmark and placemaking tool for community meetings. 
The main challenge was to create stable type and sustainable yet light modules, for dynamic use. 
This multifunctional urban furniture set is a part of a toolbox developed for the cultural regeneration of
the wooden Šnipiškės neighbourhood (Vilnius) in 2o12.
Object: Typographic placemaking set
Design, special Šnipiškės type: Tomas Umbrasas
Concept, technical solution: Jekaterina Lavrinec + Julius Narkūnas. 
Laimikis.lt urban co-design group © 2013.
Collective urban action "Urban letters walk", 2o12.
Used as awareness raising installation, the letters were set on the square behind Vilnius municipality to bring a visibility to the neglected wooden neighbourhood just behind the skyscrapers. Photo: Simona Sadzevičiūtė, Jekaterina Lavrinec, Andrei Karpeka.
As a placemaking tool, a module typographic set is used during community gatherings and neighbours picnics as a multifunctional urban furniture. 
We have noticed, that the smallest kids recognize and read these letters, and that provided new ideas for non-formal learning methods:) 

Typographic placemaking set

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Typographic placemaking set

Typographic set serves both as a landmark and an urban furniture for community meetings. This multifunctional urban furniture set is a part of a Read More