FREE PSD / display mockup cosmetic brand / OPALINE
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    Here is a humble cosmetic brand display mockup. I'm not good at 3D so I did my best with what I had :)

This one was tricky, I focused on incorporating 3D objects as a base for mockups. It was long, and I'm not entirely happy with the outcome but I learned a lot and I'll do better next time. As usual, you can use the mockup freely as long as you don't resell  it, as it is or even modified.
It is built with layers and many, many smart objects, you can change the backgrounds, the stickers, the color of the glass of the round box, etc. The file is quite heavy because the final size is bigger than A4. (any suggestions to optimize the file ?)
Anyway, enjoy, and as always, feedbacks appreciated ;)
>> download the free mockup here <<
(via google drive)