Destructive rebellion
On the morning of March 9 smoke bombs could be heard down the street, was aday where students and dissatisfied with the shuttle violently protested against this service, I was working on the computer when a friend I called to invite me todocument the protests and accept with pleasure. It was an evening that every stepwas full of emotions and sensations. I could see on the faces of people a lot of anger, sadness, worry, fear, because what was happening had gone from being aprotest to an anarchy against a corrupt system. The police had to face in differentparts of the city large crowds of people intimidated with stones, sticks and homemade bombs. the police was forced to use force against the anarchists andthis caused great unrest among the two groups.

The only result of this event was..
Much of the police was working on this event and when least expected the riotsbegan again.
I could see and document the training in the police try to arrest the anarchists, thisforced me to follow and introducing me to the "battlefield", which is dangerous but exciting for a photographer.
As a result. there was no result to nothing, did not protest about anything, just went from people unhappy with a service to violent anarchists.