EvokeOne XXVII: Nostalgia
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    My contributions to EVK: Nostalgia
EvokeOne XXVII: Nostalgia
After valiant effort, we proudly present the first exhibition of 2012. Our 27th release, Nostalgia, brings a dynamic collection of art, photography, and music. The term "Nostalgia" was interpreted in a unique manner amongst our international roster. Feelings of sorrow, felicity, and childhood memories were ignited within and translated into ethereal works of art. We even journeyed back into EvokeOne's past by creating our "Nostalgia" type group collaboration that was directed by Brandon Spahn. This was an idea we presented three years ago in our “Revolution” release, and enjoyed revisiting this type project to bring our artists together.

Below are my contributions.

Papermoon Disaster - Collaboration with James Merrill, Parker Gibson, Anthony Giacomino, Parker Peterson, Ted Yavuzkurt
"N" made for the NOSTALGIA type collaboration
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