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    Ecopackaging for spices
Fold & Spices
Structural Ecopackaging
This pack was designed to ease packaging, transportation and handling of small quantities of dry spices 
sold in bulk markets. It is an Eco friendly alternative for the tradicional plastic bags. It is recyclable, ecological, organic and biodegradable. It is biodegradable, because it's made of an organic monomaterial: sulfurized paper; manufactured exclusively of cellulose, wich offers a big protective barrier for the product. It Also satisfizes FSC and REACH regulations.

Its design improves usabillity for the seller, eliminating the need of a tool to pour the product and for being more rigid than plastic bags. For consumers, facilitate the refilling process with a narrow bottom acting like 
a funnel. (check sequence of use)

The sticker used to close the packaging, suggests comercial differentiation by brand print since the pack is generic with only legal information. It is printed in one color to avoid complex print processes, to reduce costs and enrollment time. It is made of natural water soluble starch, and printed with water base painting for not contaminate when wasted.

Project made with Carolina Caycedo
Winner atLiderpack 2011
© Master in Packaging Design ELISAVA, Barcelona, 2011