"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
— Forrest Gump's mom —

What happens when the age old motif of the heart-shaped, “I love you”, box of chocolates, gets a more “sinister” turnaround — perhaps the love you have, becomes the love you had, and the thriving heart
of a loving relationship beats itself into shattered pieces.

All it takes is a few little words…

Our box of chocolates questions the relationship between the stereotypical symbols of happiness and love, and balances a thin line between a sorrowful goodbye, and a play on the irony behind the communication of love by undermining the expectations with a few choice words: "We need to talk" — the opening “lyrics” to many a lovers' quarrel and relationships' {un}timely end.


On the other hand a more phlegmatic individual might just find that sometimes its better to forget love, and just fall into chocolate…