LomoKev Workshop
Kevin Meredith aka LomoKev- talk and workshop in the Atrium, Cardiff
On the 29th of November Kevin Meredith (also known as LomoKev) came into our uni to give a talk about his career and all about lomography. I'm really interested in photography and lomography, so I was really excited to go.
He talked us through how he started off by doing a course in university in Graphic Design, but then discovered his love for photography after receiving a lomography camera and entering lomography competitions.
After the lecture, a few people from my course had a photography workshop with him. He gave us a presentation on what makes a good photo and then handed out sheets telling us what we were going to do. The sheet listed words and items that we had to interpret in our own ways and take photos of and we had to take all these photos in a certain amount of time (I think it was around 45 minutes). The words on the sheet included things like 'tattoo', 'person at work', 'photo of a stranger and find out their story', 'youth', 'perspective', etc. We had to take the photos in Cardiff Market, which is a really interesting place to take photos, I've done a few projects in there before.

 This photo was for the 'photo of someone at work'. I asked the woman in the florists to just carry on working, while I photographed her. I think the flowers around her really frame the photo and make it look interesting.
This photo was for 'take a photo of someone taking a photo of you'. This is of my friend Ross, who was also doing the workshop.
This was taken for 'youth'.
This was taken for 'a different perspective'. I took a photo from the floor of my friends shoes.
The main thing Kev asked us to take a photo of was a stranger and to find out their story. This was the guy who worked in the barbers in the market. I like that all his tools are behind him in the photo.