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    Brand re-fresh campaign for Czech Financial Services company Wustenrot
Right Now it comes in handy.
Brand Re-fresh campaign for Wustenrot Financial services
In 2011, Wustenrot tasked Scholz and Friends Prague to develop a campaign that re-positioned them in the Czech marketplace. In the face of rising competition from new "modern" banking start-ups, traditional "institutions" were growing ever more dusty and calcified. Coupled with the perception that Wustenrot was primarily a provider of old fashioned "building savings", there was a lot that needed to be done in a single campaign. The main goal of the brand refresh campaign was to show consumers the surprising range of products offered by Wustenrot as well as establish a sense of urgency in having proper financial planning in their lives. "Right now" is the campaign handle that links all the advertising communication with an immediate call-to-action. "Comes in Handy" is the rough back translation of the new claim that established a conversational, eye-level tone of communication (a rarity in Czech financial service marketing, which relies heavily on established financial tropes)
The english back translation of the Image spot that ran for two weeks ahead of the more aggressive, tactical product campaign. The purpose of the spot was to remind consumers that Wustenrot had a wide range of products and services that would "come in handy" at any given moment and any given situation and establish a range of "key visuals" that would become the basis of the CI re-boot.