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Books to Subscription Platform
I've got 9 years worth of work to unarchive here! Most of it at the time protected, so please check back later - this could take me a while.
This is the public facing part of the Subscription platform which differs once you're on the inside. I recall it to be very beige, in fact I still remember the HEX values of the brand colours! #CC0033, #EBEFD8 and #000 and #fff respectively.
From the above snapshot circa 2013, I can see that much of the UI design has not changed, except my more optimised CSS-only icons seem to have regressed back to image objects! No idea why the blue which I ear-marked for information related assets has now spilled on the CTAs - which were at the time either corporate red (#CC0033) or black. The hypertext links in blue are supposed to match the same teal colour as the info buttons.
Still, I can think of many projects I was involved in for LexisNexis, who went through at least five names* while I was there.
*LexisNexis Butterworths Tolley IRS Martindale Hubble - which was a bit of a mouth full when answering the phone.
As the title leads towards, the medium was Books on Disk to Subscription Platform and for each medium form there was an interface to ideate, design and code. 

more to follow ...