Google+ Creative Pitch
A university group project done for an Advertising Production subject.
Worked with copywriters and illustrated our ideas for the pitch.

The Brief

To convince those who currently have a Google+ account that it should be their primary social networking site.

Target Audience
Existing Google+ users, male, living in Australia, students, 18 to 35.

Existing Google+ users, males, living in Australia, professionals, 22 to 25.

The Big Idea
A fresh start.
Campaign #1 - Colour Your Canvas

We likened Google+ to a clean, fresh canvas where users can create just about anything they want with it.

We wanted to show inactive Google + users that the greatest possible rewards can be reaped when you add a little colour.

The idea was to get Google+ to sponsor a series of ‘White Spaces’ in popular public locations across Australia. We then invite people to get onboard and ‘curate their space’, filling the spaces with paint, performance, protests or play in a show of creativity and community that will be inextricably linked with Google.
Phase 1 - Television

The campaign will begin with a television advertisement which showcases the potential of the blank canvas and invites audiences to jump onto the ‘Colour your Canvas’ website to learn more about curating their space.
Phase 2 - Website

The website will introduce people to the white spaces soon to be adorning their city/campus/community. Users will be invited to upload vision of their bands, performances, paintings, protests, pictures or experiences they wish to see inhabit these spaces – the best of which, will be showcased on the website and voted on by visitors themselves.

The website will be the hub of the campaign allowing users the opportunity to escape, even momentarily from work, studies or other online activities.
Phase 3 - Transit

The campaign will be complimented by a series of digital billboards on bus shelters across Australia. True to the original concept, the boards will be completely blank bearing the Google+ slogan and the sub-heading ‘The promise of an empty space.’

Commuters will then be able to slide their fingertips across the boards and colour this canvas with whatever idea, image or
message that pops into their heads. The activity on the boards will once again be fed through to the ‘Colour Your Canvas’ website so the voices on the street can reach people indoors.
Phase 4 - Experiential

At a designated date, the 24-hour Coloured Canvas festival will commence, with white spaces across the cities being transformed into provocative, passionate and playful forums. The sites themselves will be recorded and vision will be streamed live back onto the website for views at home to see and experience.

The point of any experiential campaign is to launch customers completely into the product experience. In this case we will do exactly this, bringing the opportunities for play, exchange and community directly to the sphere where people can appreciate them most – real life.
Campaign #2 - 'Some things are meant to be Private'

The thrill of starting afresh lies not only in the joy of discovery but the sense of release when you cut old ties and take control of your own existence. This was the founding thought for what would become our ‘Kept Private’ campaign.

We wanted to show inactive Google + users that a fresh start with Google is all about feeling safe with the mistakes you make, owning your outrages and playing without fear of repercussion.

The ‘Kept Private’ campaign will shine the spotlight on those moments you might not want monitored, creating an inextricable link between Google +, privacy and the practicalities of life.
Phase 1 - Viral Marketing

This campaign will begin with a series of ads released directly onto Youtube, and linked through Google's home page. Each ad will highlight an awkward moment we wish had never made it online.

Given the behaviour of our target market to engage in online communication and their awareness of the Google brand, we believe that these clips would go viral.
Phase 2 - Digital

The brand message will be extended with a motion activated display on the side of bus shelters. The advert will be a collage of awkward and embarrassing moments that any man with a license to drink can relate to.

A tab on the side of the board will indicate that swipe of the screen will peel away the top layer to reveal a clean space beneath.

The copy will simply read: 'Some things should only be shared... with friends. Start fresh with Google +'.
Phase 3 - Experiential

Consumers will then be taken through a series of 'Branded Boxes', which will appear in national city centers.

These boxes will encase several individuals going about daily private activities, from going to the bathroom, to being handcuffed to a bed stand.

The Google + logo and slogan 'Some things are meant to stay private - start fresh with Google +' will again drive home the message that Google + and privacy are linked, and that a fresh start is possible with Google +.

It is expected that the humour and novelty of these boxes will generate its own publicity, and gain traction via word of mouth.
Phase 4 - Collateral

Google + will also be releasing a series of stickers that will be distributed amongst our target audience. The design will feature an eyes staring at you as you go about your business.

As well as reminding the market that the online space is a public sphere, we anticipate that the stickers will take on a life of their own, popping up in urban spaces across Australia. This way, we are inviting our target audience to distribute and engage in the brand message.