Coco Loco is an iOS game (iphone and ipad) developed by Twiitch, and published by Chillingo.
It released on the app store on March 8. I was responsible for the creation of all the art assets for the game, from designing the characters to backgrounds, to logo and interface elements. It was an amzing experience to get the chance to work with such a talented and passionate group of people. Check it out on the app store if you get a chance or go to
Coco Loco on the fast rise up the international charts!
Coco loco hits no1 iPad app in Germany and gets Game of the week! Also reaches no3 iPad app in the US
Coco Loco continues its rise through the iPhone charts hitting no9 in paid apps in Australia (rising from 18 the day before. Game is also rising in the US iphone charts hitting 17!
Coco Loco rides in to position 7 on the Asutralian Top 25 (all) paid apps chart. And so we give you our marshies as "The Marshificent Seven"
Coco Loco continues its climb up the Aussie charts, crashing through to position 6!
Four!!! Coco Loco put on some fancy lookin pants and explode into the number four spot!
Heading north to take a few photos, Coco Loco takes up position in the number 3 spot!
Its the start of the Grand Prix season, and in our home country of Australia.The marshies of Coco Loco love racing as much as the next mallow - they just wishthe cars ran on hot chocolate!
After those pesky Marshies came crashing through town, the Coco Bean guardians of Coco Loco have been busy at work building new structures. Many of which you'll be seeing shortly! :)
Large mallowy puppy (Fluffy) seeks loving home.
Loving and affectionate he just loves to play.
Unfortunately not overly well trained and will generally
wreck anything in his path. On the plus side, he'll
solve any level your're stuck on.
Adopt Fluffy today as the IAP for Coco Loco.
Watch Out! Jellosaurus!!!!
See whats in store for out favourite Marshies in the first level pack for Coco Loco. Out any day now! :)