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    Acrylic painting, 16" x 16" on wood panel
Number three in a series
This is my third painting in a series of paintings I am calling "PLANKTONAUTS."

The common thread is that these works are my painted illustrations of the creatures I'm fascinated with! I try to stay away from gravity and landscapes.  Everything about these paintings represent freedom of expression for me. They can be anything really, So ANYTHING GOES!

These are the tiny (and not so tiny) creatures that live 'under the radar' of our normal line of sight.  Things that live in shallow pools of water, or in the bottomless sea, or in the acid environments of mammalian innards. Some endure in the tropical heat of the equator. Some in frozen deserts. Others may flourish in the core of the earth, or exist in hives of billions in a single drop of water.  Some live only in the recesses of my mind, and conceivably yours as well? Fact or fancy, real or imagined, I love to bring them to life for our mutual diversion on my surfaces of canvas and paint . I hope you will enjoy seeing and pondering them as much as I.