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    Wine label for Niagara region chardonnay, promoting the safety of the Lake Sturgeon
Namé Niagara Wine Label A wine label concept & design from the Niagara NY/Canada wine region.Theme: the currently endangered Lake Sturgeon
Label Copy: "In the depths of the beautiful Niagara River region lives the great Lake Sturgeon, also known as the "King of Fish", or "Namé" in the Ojibwe Indian language. These six foot swimmers can live from 50 to 150 years. They are living fossils, and were once a major part of North America's Great Lakes. Today, they have become targeted by commercial fishermen and are now on the list of North America's endangered species. Each purchased bottle of "Namé Niagara" wine will help keep the Lake Strugeon alive and swimming. So grab a bottle and enjoy a delicious ample glass of naturally fresh Niagara chardonnay. Cheers."