Cafe Chair - 1st place INSITU Humber design chair show
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    Cafe Chair for West Queen West area.
(See-en-to) A combination of the spanish word siento (I sit/feel) and the city it came from (Toronto, Canada).
A clean modern design

Far from the occasionally loud and colourful exterior of some of West Queen West, CN.TO design is instead an homage to the clean modern look of much of the interiors in the Art and Design districts. Inspired by many modern furniture design masterpieces, CN.TO looks like it could have come from one of the many designer furniture stores that line Queen Street’s West. And like much of the exposed architecture in West Queen West, CN.TO celebrates its materials using their natural finish.

Designed for the Café and its Clientele

Like any good chair, CN.TO is comfortable. That’s not an accident. It is designed to fit as many different people and body types as possible based on averages of the human body. The curves and flex of the seat and back add to the comfort, making your stay at the café pleasant enough to stick around for more, but not so comfortable that you want to fall asleep. CN.TO’s design is also kind to its owners. It’s light, sturdy, and easy to handle. It also stacks quite nicely. Having caps on the back legs and bare rounded steel on the front makes CN.TO stable to sit on yet easy to slide around.

Easy To Make, Easy to ship

CN.TO’s design considered not only the end user, but the manufacturer too. Having a frame made from two pieces means putting it together is easy. Two quick welds and you’re done. The seat and back are also cut from the same mold, saving both time and money in the manufacturing process. Attaching the seat and back to the frame requires only 5 identical bolts, meaning the frames can be stacked together and shipped separately from the seat and back, saving space on the way to the café.

Sustainable from End to End

CN.TO was designed with the environment in mind. The frame is made from cold-rolled steel, which is just as recyclable as stainless steel, but much cheaper. The seat and back are made of sheets of plywood pressed and glued together with a biodegradable glue. The chair was also designed for dissassembly. The back rest and seat rest are easily replaceable. In case of damage, no need to replace the whole chair, the customer simply orders the part necessary. This prolongs the lifetime of the product and is also cost-effective. &