Cenovus  - Community Investment
A School Project Looking The Community Investment Team at Cenovus
 In my class "Roles and Practices in Contemporary Communication" we focused on how contemporary work environments in communication are evolving.  For the project outline myself and my group were asked to give a presentation on a work environment and how employees felt about where they work. Through a contact of one of the group members we found the Cenovus - Community Investment Team. They were extremely generous with their time and we wanted to show the different projects they worked on that gave them a sense of pride in their working environment.

From Cenovus' website:
Cenovus Energy is a Canadian oil company. We're committed to applying fresh, progressive thinking to safely and responsibly unlock energy resources the world needs.

Break Down of Group
Photographs donated by Cenovus and their Community Investment Team.
Writing and interviewing was done by Tessa Clayton, Laura Lushington, and Kate McMackin.
Layout and Design was done by Victoria Baitson.

Showing are a few samples from the magazine. These magazine were printed and given to classmates to follow along during a presentation about Cenovus and how employees there felt they were making an impact.
Colours and shapes were chosen to reflect Cenovus' corporate identity.