Isina started back in Summer 2013 in LA. The main idea of the project was to unlock potential and discover unique musical talent globally. Any person can send in his demo and get a professional review from one of Isina’s star mentors.
The logo
If the musician’s track gets a high rating at Isina, he’ll get the chance to get an all-expense paid six-week trip to LA to work with music industry legends.
Logo creation
Our job began with the logo creation. We presented several examples of a calligraphic letterings. The final choice satisfied both the client and us. 
Website development
We released our first vision of the same year, 2013, but the project developed rapidly and it became obvious that the given functionality needs an upgrade. 2015 we started to work on the second release.
We designed the second version a contemporary yet functional way. We redesigned existing pages, added some fun stuff including Isina Live for more efficient promotion of the project.
The main page is divided in screens, each of which is its’ own section and visually differs from others.
Fully adaptive
We  paid special attention to the adaptive version of the site because the project’s audience is youg, mobile and therefor using smartphones mainly. 
Track upload
Frankly, this is the project’s main instrument. The user uploads your audio or video in 4 simple and gets a link, using which he can access his profile, the mentor’s review and mark. 
About the academy
One of the main “selling” pages. Our ux/ui team had the goal to tell about ISINA the way, that nobody would doubt the necessity of uploading their track and joining the ISINA community. We believe that the goal is achieved.
Thank you!
Creative Director
Arthur Arsyonov

Art Director
Dmitry Trostin
Denis Bryukhanov, Nikolay Kuznetsov, Sergey Skip (v1.0)

Max Dedov, Julia Marhadeva

Looi Factory, 2015
Isina 2.0