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The client (the model) wanted to look like a dark doll, and I decided to add just a little more to the idea, by using her beautiful nude head to portrait a different kind of beauty. We shoot in a destructed area, to get more contrast and beautiful textures. Unfortunately the actual shooting was done some time after the henna were applied so some parts of the design were gone on some pictures, but it was still very beautiful!

I used a PENTAX K100D with a PENTAX DA Star 50-135mm lens and completely natural light. The editing was done with camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop.

Photo, MUA, editing : Mlle Chèvre
Model : Myriam
Henna : AYA henna design
Assistant : Oil and Sugar
Here's some «behind the scenes» pictures for you! The henna (head and two hands) took between 2 and 3 hours, styling 15 minutes, make up a bit less than 1 hour.
We were very lucky, it rained for about 5 minutes a couple of minutes after we started the actual photoshoot, but it stopped and we were able to continue!
The photoshoot lasted at least 2 hours, probably more. We were in Montreal, in an area with a lot of abandoned buildings. It is very beautiful there, and it wasn't my first time in this place.
All the pictures under this text were taken by Oil and Sugar, my assistant.
Me doing the make up job
AYA doing the right hand
How we got her there!
A beautiful picture of the henna when removed. It actually stays a couple of days after the application
That's it! I hope you liked. We made a lot of efforts to achieve our aesthetic and visual goals and I think we did a good job. I'm very proud of this photoshoot.
The model was very happy about the results and claimed it was the first pictures of her without hair (she usually wears a wig because she's bald from a disease she has) of complete body painting that she liked.
I really love to have non-standardized models because not only they are more interesting to photograph in my opinion, but I'm able to make the point that you do not need to be a super model to have beautiful pictures.
Thank you