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Lucanus cervus or Stag Beetle, the conspicuous and largest European beetle, has incessantly captured the imagination and fascination of mankind. The stag beetle’s popularity is based not only on the mythological tales, but also on its magical powers, reputed since the time of the Romans.Various fragments confirm that Lucanus cervus has always had a profound impact on man from earlier epochs through to till present day.

1.  Forbearance Bug       Withholding response to provocation.

2.  Pyrrhic Bug               Successful with heavy losses.
3.  Panacea Bug             A solution for all problems.
4.  Felicity Bug               Pleasantness.
5.  Lilit Bug                    To move musically or lively.
6.  Halcyon Bug              Happy, sunny, care-free.
7.  Gambol Bug              To skip or leap about joyfully.
8.  Bon vivant Bug          Someone who enjoys the good life in luxury and elegance.
9.  Serendipity Bug         Finding something nice while looking for something else.
10. Mellifluous Bug        Sweet sounding.
11. Sempiternal Bug       Eternal.
12. Uncanny Bug            Weird, striking in an almost supernatural way.
13. Evanescent Bug        Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time.
14. Emollient Bug           A softener.
15. Love Bug                   Deep affection.
16. Evocative Bug           Suggestive.
17. Leisure Bug              Free time.
18. Denouement Bug      The resolution of a mystery.
19. Harbinger Bug           Messenger with news of the future.
20. Candid Bug               Open, frank and honest.
21. Epiphany Bug            A sudden revelation.
22. Commiserate Bug      To sympathize (with), to show compassion for.
23. Lagniappe Bug           A special kind of gift.
24. Ineffable Bug            Unutterable, inexpressible.
25. Quintessential Bug   Most essential.
26. Ravel Bug                 To knit or unknit.
27. Eloquence Bug          Beauty and persuasion in speech.
28. Brood Bug                 To think alone.
29. Atonement Bug         Reconciliation.Reconciliation or
                                      an instance of reconciliation between God and humans.
30. Humdinger Bug         Something truly excellent, one of the very best of its kind.
Stag Beetle
Dürer, Albrecht
German, 1505
Watercolor and bodycolor
5 9/16 x 4 1/2 in.
"It is indeed true," wrote Albrecht Dürer, "that art is omnipresent in nature, and the true artist is he who can bring it out."
In his Treatise on Proportion, he commented,
“Life in nature makes us recognize the truth of these things, so look at
it diligently, follow it, and do not turn away from nature to your own
thoughts…. For, verily, art is embedded in nature; whoever can draw her out,
has her”
 ... In Germany, where scarab worship, in the form of the stag beetle, haspersisted longest, the equation scarab = Christ was widely accepted.The quintessential German artist, Albrecht Dürer, associated the stagbeetle with Christ in various paintings, and produced a famouswatercolor of the insect.