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    A portrait of three villains. These are antagonists in a children's Fantasy book I am currently writing (in Dutch).
Illustration of three villains
Some antagonists for my children's book debut
This portrait was created using the same technique I used to create the Red Dragon. If you're interested in the procedure, read the text in my Red Dragon project. Otherwise, just look at the illustration on this page, as it goes through its different stages. The first image is the final illustration.
These are the black outlines.
These are the grey support hatches, barely visible against the grey background.
These are the white highligts, but since I drew them with a black pencil, they are inverted.
These are all three pencil drawings combined (with the white higlights inverted, so they show up the way they should). This is the last stage before I start to add colours.
The first flat colour fields are added.
Nearly there.
A detail at about half the real size.